Packaging Products

Crates: Solid Wood and Plywood

Pallets: Wooden pallets both recycled and new, Plastic Pallets. Also available: ECO Pallets: No Nails, Light Weight, Stockable, Excellent Resistance and 100% Biodegradable

Corrugated structures: Regular Standard Boxes, Divisors, Die cut boxes, Folded Boxes, Formed boxes kitted, with other materials

Corners and Fittings: Corners or other types of support for within the box immobility. Various materials, custom designed.


Molded Pulp: Eco friendly solution for immobility within the box, Ideal for large volumes

Thermoformed: Polypropylene and other materials.
Ideal for food industry.

Foam: Styrofoam, ESD appropiate, Polystyrene Foam and Gray Foam

Non Woven Fabric: Soft and versatile, Ideal for scratch sensitive objects.

Protective Film: LDPE, HDPE & LLDPEE, Can be used to protect high quality stainless steel or carbon steel surface during punching and bending operations (Enclosures), stainless (2B, brushed), aluminum (anodized aluminum or not) carbon steel. It can be used without adhesive for packaging purposes.

Special Boxes: We can adapt to your needs. Various materials, custom desiged.

Preferred in the industry for its versatility.
Applications: ESD safe labeling, Asset tracking, Warranty labling
ANSI/ESD S20.20, ESD S541, IEC 61340 and JEDEC JESD 625B compliant Surface resistance of ≥104 and ≤ 1011 Ohms Low charging PSA and liners, ranging from < 50 Volts to < 125 V, High and low temperature, dimensional stability, Chemical resistance, Halogen free, REACH and RoHS compliance UL969 recognized.

All kinds of packaging tape.

Polyamide Rolls (Kapton): Tape used to protect highly malleable metals, to pass through electrostatic painting or other high temperatures procedures

ESD Sheilding bags: Good Flexibility, Various Materials, Various closing technology, All kinds of printing services available.

Acoustic Foam: Available in:

  • Convoluted
  • Aluminized Mylar Facing
  • Standard Open-Celled
    Kitted with other materials or by it self.

Holographic labels on sheet form.

Holographic labels on roll form

Anti-Counterfeit Holographic labels.

Silver Color Holographic labels.

Bubble wrap: Light to medium duty nylon barrier provides dependable, economical protection. Comes in bubbles of 3/16” and ½ inch.
Could be slitted and puncture at different sizes.
Available for ESD protection

Dessicants: Humidity control, air or gas within package. Indicating and Non Indicating Types.

Anti-Shock labels: To avoid violent handling these stickers leave an indelible mark that indicates a level of impact suffered by the package. Also available one for tilt sensitive objects.

Shock timer is ideal for packages that change from one stage to another. It indicates the exact time of the shock, making it easy to identify the one responsible.