Packaging Services

Package Design and Analysis

As part of our continuous improvement ADM has created a package design and analysis department with the goal of cost reduction and maximizing efficiency.

Allow us analyze your cases, together, we’ll achieve better solutions that translate into significant savings.

With only your product’s dimensions, its weight, the desired height of the pallet system and whether such pallets will be stowed, we can already work on serious cost reductions.

Other information we can process into solutions are: Geographic location, transportation type, your product’s impact resistance, warehouse humidity, product and  materials handling protocols and many other data that we will require when relevant.

Creativity, years of experience, our new software and science backed by renowned laboratories and Institutions, is the formula for your packaging optimization.

Packaging Testing

ADM offers a wide range of drop, compression, and vibration tests to determine the ability of the package system to protect the Box unit from hazards typically associated with the shipping and distribution environment through a third party ISTA Laboratories.